Zoo Keeper: Central Zoo (Part-Time)

Organization: Fort Wayne Children's Zoo (AZA Member)
Location: Fort Wayne, IN, United States
Job or Internship: Job

Applications are being accepted for a part-time zoo keeper in the Central Zoo. This position is responsible for the daily husbandry of New World primates, Canadian lynx, pheasants, jays, and a variety of small bird and mammal species used for zoo education programs. This position does require the ability to work with capuchin monkeys in an open contact setting; therefore, previous primate and operant conditioning experience is preferred. Applicants must be detail oriented, willing to perform physical labor, and possess a strong team work ethic. Good communication and organizational skills are also a must. For a full job description and application, see www.kidszoo.org.

This is a part-time position requiring availability for a 40-hour work week during the zoo season (Apr-Oct) and a 32-hour work week during the off-season (Nov-Mar) (including weekends and holidays).

To apply: submit cover letter, resume, and application by mail: Zoo, Attn: Employment (Central Zoo), 3411 Sherman Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46808; deliver to zoo office 8am-5pm daily; or email to employment@kidszoo.org.

Application Deadline: Friday, October 11