Zoo Superintendent

Organization: Pocatello Zoo
Location: Pocatello, ID, us
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The Zoo Superintendent is responsible for the overall management of zoo operations; supervises staff, including Curator of Education; manages all public relations and community outreach; plans and implements government, corporate, foundation, and private sector fund raising; responsible for animal care, maintenance, budget, and short- and long-range planning and construction.  Achieving AZA accreditation is the highest priority.  Is the liaison with Pocatello Zoological Society and leads the fund raising for this support organization for the Pocatello Zoo.  

This position requires an established leader who can effectively carry out the following:

  • Develop, monitor, and assess long-term and short-term goals
  • Supervise and provide professional development to zoo staff
  • Maintain cooperative working relationships with elected and appointed officials, other agencies, and the general public
  • Ensure fair and equitable treatment of all public works employees
  • Develop and manage zoo budget
  • Communicate effectively in writing and verbally
  • Solve problems and make sound decisions based on knowledge and experience
  • Ensure compliance with of laws and regulations related to captive wildlife and the operation of a zoo  


 The preferred candidate will have a bachelor's degree in zoology, biology, or related field with extensive knowledge and experience in zoo animal management, biology, ecology and conservation, as well as business management. In addition, the candidate will have considerable knowledge, skill and experience in the application and interpretation of laws and regulations related to captive wildlife and the operation of a zoo, as well as accreditation standards set by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association.

The position requires a minimum of 3 years of experience in administrative management of zoo operations in an Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) accredited institution and at least 3 years of proven fund raising skills and success.  The position requires excellent written and verbal communication abilities, which includes public speaking, and outstanding supervisory and public relation skills.

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For a detailed job description and application instructions, visit http://cityjobs.pocatello.us/

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