Coordinator, Professional Development - Education

Organization: Wildlife Conservation Society (AZA Member)
Location: Bronx, New York, Country
Job or Internship: Job

Job Description - External:

Position Objective: Support the mission of WCS to save wildlife and wild places through creating learning experiences that influence the attitudes, practices, and environmental literacy of educators and give them the tools they need to inspire awareness, appreciation, and conservation action in their students.

- Work collaboratively with the American Museum of Natural History and with the New York City Department of Education (DOE) and other cultural partners in partnership with the Urban Advantage (UA) program to ensure the overall success of the program; including active and meaningful contribution to design, planning, implementation/facilitation, and evaluation of all UA-related activities and events.

- Coordinate the development, implementation, and/or facilitation, and assessment of WCS professional development programs for educators (formal and informal educators; pre-service and in-service teachers)

- Coordinate programs at the project level; including: cultivating/maintaining partnerships, communication, planning, recruitment, marketing, logistics, ensuring progress, success and timeliness, record keeping, reporting and presenting results.

- Author and product content and curriculum for in-person, online, and blended professional development courses with an emphasis on instructional design, learning theories, assessment for learning and alignment to academic content standards and professional teaching standards.

- Write syllabi, plan agendas, develop lesson plans, and prepare materials for professional development courses for educators that are wildlife- and conservation-focused, goal-oriented, constructivism-based, innovative, and aligned with today's academic standards and framework.

- Demonstrate facilitation (on-site and online) that employs best teaching practices, constructive participant engagement, and differentiated instruction and models effective teaching and learning for our PD participants.

- Mentor and support other WCS Education staff with their facilitation of WCS professional development programs.

- Incorporate trends and current research on content and practices in education, as well as conservation education, in order to keep WCS professional development programs timely and innovative.

- Cultivate and/or maintain interdepartmental relationships, collaborations with subject matter experts, and partnerships with other institutions.

- Incorporate participant data and feedback to continuously improve WCS's professional development programs.

- Author, produce content, coordinate, and moderate webinars focused on WCS's conservation science and field conservation work.

- Maintain detailed and robust records for all programs.

- Assist in maintaining an up-to-date teacher participant database.

- Disseminate program information through presentations at professional conferences, authoring journal articles and/or contributing to related training activities.

- Assist in the recruitment of teachers for PD programs through direct contact with educators, mailings, listservs, advertisements, and meetings with district representatives.

- Assist the Manager of Program Development in developing certain elements of grant proposals for the Department.

- Establish and/or maintain contact with education staff from other informal science institutions.

- Perform all related tasks and duties as required.

- Support other team members' projects as needed.

- Weekend work and some travel required.

- Uphold the Society's employee policies including those that pertain to Equal Employment Opportunities for women, minorities, veterans, the handicapped, and other protected groups.