Part-Time Animal Keeper - Primates

Organization: Little Rock Zoo (AZA Member)
Location: Little Rock, AR, United States
Job or Internship: Job


To perform various duties required to maintain a clean and healthy environment for primates and great apes and other animals as assigned at the Little Rock Zoo.


Observes primates, great apes and other animals in assigned areas for injuries or symptoms of disease, and changes in behavior; reports changes and problems to supervisor; recommends changes to assist animals' psychological and physiological well-being; implements approved changes. Prepares food and feeds primates and great apes according to established diets and assigned schedule; researches, recommends and implements approved diet changes. Maintains

detailed narratives and charts of animal observations, care, and handling. Captures and

restrains animals for transport, examination or medical treatment. Prepares and maintains a list

of animals in assigned area requiring routine veterinary care; notifies supervisors of animals

requiring emergency attention. Administers prescribed medication to primates and great apes and other assigned animals by mixing with food or by injection as required; assists veterinarian in administration of medication or treatment of animals. Completes daily worksheets listing amount of food eaten, training performed and enrichment supplied, medications administered,changes in animal behavior, symptoms of disease or other indications of needs for special attention, and any repair or maintenance required for enclosures. Maintains Plant life in displays and enclosures by watering and fertilizing as necessary; sprays or spreads approved chemicals to

exterminate pests, diseases or unwanted plants. Unloads and stores shipments of food and supplies; notifies supervisor of supplies needed. Cleans cages and enclosures using water hose and hand tools. Provides special handling or training for specific animals as required. Recommends animals to be acquired or transferred; recommends repairs and special projects. Answers questions and provides information to Zoo visitors regarding animal diets, handling, and habitat; educates visitors regarding harassing or feeding animals. Serves as backup to

Animal Keepers in assigned areas. Operates a motorized vehicle to transport animals or pick up



These knowledge, skills, and abilities are usually, although not always, acquired through completion of high school and one (1) year of experience in the care of great apes, primates, orother exotic animals in a controlled environment. Equivalent combinations of education and experience will be considered.

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENT: Must be available to work evenings, weekends, and holidays. DISCLAIMER: This document does not create an employment contract,

implied or otherwise.


ONLY On-Line Applications Accepted. Application and supplemental questions required by closing date. Applications will be screened for minimum qualifications.

HIRING/ENTRY SALARY: $8.00 to $10.00 Hourly