Keeper Supervisor

Organization: African Safari Wildlife Park (AZA Member)
Location: Port Clinton, Ohio , Country
Job or Internship: Job

From May 1--October 1, required to work weekends, and up to 6 days per week.

Job Summary: To work with GM, Supervisor and staff to oversee the entire African Safari Wildlife Park animal collection providing the best husbandry possible.

Major Job Responsibilities (including but not limited to):

Reports directly to Supervisor and GM

Responsible for maintaining current knowledge of all standards of care and husbandry related to the animal collection.

Responsible for husbandry, maintenance and oversight of the wildlife collection.

Works with Owners and GM to ensure optimum husbandry of the wildlife collection.

Works with the Veterinarian to ensure optimum medical care of the wildlife collection. Assists the Veterinarian in medical procedures when necessary.

In consultation with the Veterinarian,and staff will be responsible for all animal diets and evaluation of nutritional needs of the animal collection.

Works with the Supervisor and GM on exhibit design and alteration.

With GM and Supervisor will be Responsible for maintaining appropriate USFWS permits, USDA records and reports and compliance with all state and federal regulations related to the animal collection.

Other Duties as assigned

Will assist the GM and Supervisor in oversight of the daily operations of ASWP.

Will assist the GM and Supervisor with maintaining and keeping current all Job Descriptions.

Will be on safety committee

Update Inventory

Training of Wildlife Staff

Develop Training Program with Trainer


Maintain Barns, Equipment,

Document Diets, and order feed as needed

Work with GM and Supervisor to do Performance Appraisals

Labor Analysis/budgets

Food Ordering Projection/budgets

Necessary Skills:

Knowledge of animal husbandry in a wide variety of animal species.

Five years experience working with exotic animals.

Excellent people and team building skills.

Must have knowledge of animal needs in exhibit design.

Must have veterinary technician skills.

Must have strong computer skills.