Associate Veterinarian (Part time)

Organization: Zoo New England (AZA Member)
Location: Boston, MA, United States
Job or Internship: Job

Essential Job Functions:

Zoo New England is seeking a 3-day (24 hours) a week part-time associate veterinarian to provide clinical care for the animal collection at Zoo New England, in Boston, Massachusetts, which includes over 200 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. Zoo New England includes two separate AZA accredited zoological parks – the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, MA and the Stone Zoo in Stoneham, MA. The Veterinary Services department includes a fully equipped veterinary hospital and quarantine facility. The part-time associate will work with a team consisting of the director of veterinary services, a full-time associate veterinarian, a hospital manager, four certified veterinary technicians, and a hospital keeper.

Duties & Responsibilities:

• Perform preventative health care, surgery, and anesthesia as needed to maintain the health of collection at ZNE and TSM

• Provide veterinary advice in all veterinary care related issues at ZNE, TSM, and other outside agencies

• Assist with all incoming and outgoing animal health screens in coordination with the other veterinarians related to animal shipments

• Assist in completing all animal quarantine requirements in a time appropriate manner

• Assist in supervision over veterinary technicians, veterinary students, and volunteers at the zoo hospital

• Assist with maintenance of collection up to AZA, AVMA and USDA standards

• Perform necropsies as necessary on any dead animals in ZNE and TSM

• Maintenance of veterinary health records

• Travel as necessary between Franklin Park Zoo and Stone Zoo as caseload demands

• Acts as senior animal care supervisor in absence of general curator, mammal curator, President/CEO, or senior veterinarian.

• Assist with design and maintenance, in concert with other veterinarians at ZNE, of a comprehensive preventative health care plan for ZNE and TSM

• Interact with zoo keepers and curators to ensure animal health care is proceeding as planned

• Work directly with curators and other veterinarians on animal care and dietary concerns as needed

• Work directly with veterinary technicians and consult with appropriate curators when needed in the daily assessment and planning of medical care for all animals in collection

• Participate as a member of the Dangerous Animal Recovery Team (DART), including attendance at regular training meetings

• Responsible for maintaining familiarity and competence in use of all Dangerous Animal Recovery Team (DART) equipment

• Attain a Class A license to carry a firearm and maintain target practice as scheduled

• Participate in the training / on the job education of technicians, assistants, interns, volunteers, and other staff members assigned tasks related to animal health care, restraint, anesthesia, husbandry and emergency preparedness

• Perform and supervise clinical laboratory procedures, as needed

• Be familiar with animal emergency preparedness documents, such as narcotic handling and overdoses, emergency drug dosages, etc

• Provide guidance and instruction to zoo hospital staff and animal care staff on safe handling of animals, hazardous materials, drugs etc when you are the attending veterinarian

Minimum Job Requirements:

• At least five years of clinical experience or completion of a residency

• License to practice veterinary medicine in US and the Commonwealth of MA

• Clear written and oral communication skills are essential

• Ability to work weekends, holidays, and overtime

• Must be able to work outside in inclement weather conditions to provide veterinary care

• Able to perform at a competent level under high stress conditions

• Willingness to work in direct contact with dangerous / contagious animals as well as toxic and hazardous conditions

• Understand zoonotic disease risks and practice safe handling / procedures when working with ZNE’s animal collection

• Must receive rabies immunizations and titers and TB testing according to ZNE policy

• Must abide by all written ZNE policies and procedures

• Class III drivers license

• Ability to pass CORI screens and random drug testing

• Accredited by the USDA for health certificates, TB testing, and cervid cervical TB testing, or ability to obtain within 6 months of hire

• Class A firearms license, or ability to obtain within 6 months of hire

• Able to lift 50 pounds

Preferred Job Requirements:

• At least 2 years of clinical experience in zoo medicine

• Completion of an ACZM accredited residency in zoological medicine

• Board certification or board eligibility for the American College of Zoological Medicine

• Working knowledge of all aspects of animal health care of exotic and zoo animals

• Working knowledge of all applicable wildlife regulations and laws

• Knowledge of applicable AZA, AVMA and USDA guidelines and regulations that pertain to ZNE and TSM

• DEA license for controlled substances in MA and Federal

• CPR certification

Location: Franklin Park Zoo – Boston

Salary: Please submit your salary requirements

Please submit your application:

- via email, as MS Word attachment, to, yet please ensure to state the title of the position in the subject line.

- Or fax your application to: 617-445-1671

- By mail to Office of Human Resources, Zoo New England, One Franklin Park Rd, Boston, MA. 02121

No Phone Calls Please. Zoo New England is an equal opportunity employer by choice.