Life Support Systems Technician

Organization: Aquarium of the Pacific (AZA Member)
Location: Long Beach, CA, United States
Job or Internship: Job


The Life Support Systems Technician is responsible for performing daily inspections of all life support systems and components, and maintaining all equipment in working order. The individual will handle such tasks as filter backwashes, system lineup changes, barge water treatment, troubleshoot any faulty systems, and more. This position works a 4-day workweek, and all life support technicians rotate shifts to provide 24-hour coverage, 365 days of the year.


• Providing continuous monitoring of all critical life support components

• Performing daily rounds inspections on all life support systems

• Performing preventive and emergency maintenance for all the life support systems and associated equipment as needed

• Performing routine life support activities such as filter backwashes, system lineup changes, and water treatment

• Isolating, troubleshooting and coordinating the repair of faulty life support systems including pumps, ozone generation systems, aquarium system filtration, and LSS building controls equipment

• Providing support as needed with the construction and fabrication of new life support systems equipment and exhibits

• Communicating successfully with and assisting members of the department and other departments within the aquarium as needed


• Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or the completion of a formal training program a plus (or equivalent experience)

• Previous aquatic animal life support experience in a private or public aquarium is highly desirable.

• Must have work experience in a related technical field, such as wastewater treatment or marine engineering.

• Must be able to work flexible hours (4-day workweek, including nights, weekends, and holidays in some rotations).


• Aquatic animal life support experience in an aquarium highly desirable

• Pipefitting and fabrication skills are highly desirable

• Experience with centrifugal pump equipment fractional to 30 HP, sand filters, foam fractionators, UV sterilizers as well as heat exchangers is desirable

• Understanding of basic water chemistry and tools used to measure water quality required

• Must be highly computer literate with a strong understanding of MS windows

• Understanding of automation and building control systems desirable

• Must be a team-oriented individual with excellent oral and written communication skills

• Knowledge of OSHA and Cal OSHA safety requirements is desirable


If you meet the requirements of this position, please apply online at by clicking on APPLY NOW at the end of the position description. You will be directed to our web application process, the successful completion of which is required by all applicants.

The Aquarium of the Pacific is an Equal Opportunity Employer.