Organization: Granby Zoo (Zoo de Granby) - AZA Accredited (AZA Member)
Location: Granby, Quebec, Canada
Job or Internship: Job

Under the authority of Head of Veterinary Services, the Veterinarian provides medical and surgical care to the animal collection, and participates in the development on preventive medicine protocols. He also performs diagnostic tests and necropsies. He implements nutrition, vaccination and parasite control programs. He maintains up-to-date medical records. He takes part in the teaching of interns and externs.


• Provides medical and surgical care to the animal collection, performs diagnostic tests and necropsies

• Implements nutrition, vaccination and parasite control programs

• Participates in the development of preventive medicine protocols, and in keeping up-to-date medical records and other reports

• Collaborates in animal transactions by providing requests and follow-ups, quarantine needs, establishing contacts with colleagues, obtaining permits

• Maintains strong ties within the zoological veterinary community

• Takes part in teaching veterinary residents, interns and externs, and animal health technician students


• University degree in veterinary medicine, and license to practice veterinary medicine in Quebec

• Minimum of three (3) years’ experience in the zoological veterinary field

•Professional attitudes and behavior, aptitude for team work, autonomy, initiative and leadership, good organizational skills and decision-making ability

• Aptitude for teaching, and for managing human resources

• Excellent written and verbal abilities; fluency in French and English

• Knowledge of relevant software


• Permanent managerial position, 30 hours per week

• Variable schedule, occasionally requiring working evenings, nights, week-ends or holidays. The work schedule requires great availability

• May be required to work under pressure. Work organization may vary depending on time of the year

• Work conditions in accordance with the Granby Zoo’s Managerial and Professional Personnel Development Politic

• Salary commensurate with work experience and qualifications

We will not send out notices of receipt; only applicants selected for interview will be contacted. Work references are required. To apply, send a letter of intent and curriculum vitae before June 7th 2013 to:

Granby Zoo practices fairness in employment, the masculine term is used in order to simplify the text.