Veterinary Technician-PPZ

Organization: Wildlife Conservation Society -- Prospect Park Zoo (AZA Member)
Location: Brooklyn, NY, Country
Job or Internship: Job

Position Objective: To assist in the multi-faceted routine basic to the maintenance of the health of the animals in the collection and the function of the zoo, as well as prepare results of specific clinical research for presentation to the profession.


1. Treat and monitor sick animals in the hospital.

2. Prepare surgical suite, examination rooms and instruments required for surgical or medical procedures.

3. Assist at medical and surgical procedures

4. Administer routine vaccinations and preventative medical treatments.

5. Clean, disinfect and properly store surgical and medical supplies and equipment.

6. Animal husbandry responsibilities as required.

7. Examine blood, urine, feces, and any other specimens submitted and perform laboratory testing requested by the veterinarians.

8. Maintain and update written and computerized (MedARKS) medical records.

9. Order and control inventory of hospital medicines.

10. Compound, calculate and dispense medications to zookeepers.

11. Supervise and instruct Animal Department personnel in the administration of medications.

12. Assist veterinarian in scheduling routine vaccinations and preventative medical treatments.

13. Undertake or assist in the disposition of nuisance wildlife potentially injurious to the Zoo collection, including euthanasia-under the direction of a veterinarian.

14. Triage medical cases, communicate with veterinarians, and implement appropriate treatment protocols.

15. Facilitate communications between zoo management and staff veterinarians.

16. Perform and record routine coliform counts on marine mammal pools.

17. Maintain human first aid stations for staff use.

18. Submit specimens to appropriate outside laboratories for testing.

19. Collect specimens for in-house and outside laboratory testing.

20. Supervise submission of specimens to pathology department for necropsy.

21. Track and record all controlled drug usage.

22. With veterinarians, schedule annual Carfentanil emergency session with local hospital and paramedic personnel.

23. Maintain hospital and medical equipment and arrange any needed repair of same.

24. Arrange periodic dart preparation and usage sessions for supervisory personnel.

25. Perform routine fecal testing of entire collection and record results.

26. Communicate and coordinate with personnel at other institutions regarding pre-shipment medical testing and requirements.


NY State veterinary technician license, or eligible for licensure, required. EEO/M/V/F/D.

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