Outreach Associate (AmeriCorps Project Conserve)

Organization: Friends of the Western North Carolina Nature Center (AZA Member)
Location: Asheville, NC, United States
Job or Internship: Job

Application deadline: May 22, 2013

The Friends of the Western North Carolina Nature Center's mission is to create awareness and provide financial resources, through fundraising and events, in support of the Nature Center - Asheville's Wildlife Park. We are accepting applications for an 11-month Outreach Associate position through AmeriCorps Project Conserve.

Service position description:

To continue development of outreach efforts and provide volunteer coordination for the Friends and the Western North Carolina Nature Center. The member will help support the mission of the Friends and the Nature Center, expand the reach and impact, and build a core group of volunteers to increase capacity with the Friends and the Nature Center. The position is unique in that it connects with our constituents and community through onsite and offsite interactions as well as social, media and electronic communications.

Qualifications – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

• Experience in volunteer coordination, marketing and public relations essential.

• Special events management experience desirable.

• Excellent writing skills and organization a must.

• Self motivated.

• Public speaking experience desirable.

• Understanding of non-profit management helpful.

• Knowledge of the flora and fauna of the Southern Appalachian Mountains.

• Mac experience preferred.

• B.A. in Marketing or Communications or related field.

• Eligible applicants must be at least 18 years of age, be a citizen, national, or lawful permanent

resident alien of the United States, and consent to a criminal history check.

Other Comments:

In addition to fulfilling host site service responsibilities, all Project Conserve members are required to fully participate in team trainings, service projects and statewide AmeriCorps events. Project Conserve team events will occur approximately twice per month in locations throughout the service area and may require up to three overnight stays.

Position Responsibilities and Duties:

1. Educate the community about the importance of land / nature conservation.

• Provide support with events on and offsite educating the community about nature conservation

• Conduct environmental education programs with visitors onsite and at community events

• Write articles for internal and external publications and outreach materials educating about nature conservation

2. Recruit, coordinate, and recognize volunteers for land / nature conservation activities.

• Manage recruiting of volunteers

• Train volunteers and handle administration of volunteer program

• Manage recognition activities for volunteers

3. Plan, coordinate, and implement measures to support land / nature conservation initiatives.

• The member will be assigned a project that will take most of the service year to complete and

focus on an initiative at the Nature Center.

Information on how to apply for this position: http://www.carolinamountain.org/projectconserve/americorpsapplication

AmeriCorps Project Conserve information: http://www.carolinamountain.org/projectconserve