Conservation Program Manager

Organization: San Diego Zoo Institute For Conservation Research/San Diego Zoo Global (AZA Member)
Location: Escondido, CA, Country
Job or Internship: Job


Deadline to apply: Thursday, April 18, 2013

Applications must be submitted online by 9:30pm Pacific Standard Time

Apply on-line at

(Exempt position #H11105) Salary commensurate with experience With Benefits

**San Diego Zoo Global is a smoke-free workplace**

Job Requirements:

"Put Your Passion For Wildlife To Work"

The Conservation Program Manager will be responsible for all aspects of the management of the Hawaii Endangered Bird Conservation Program (HEBCP), which exists to prevent extinction and promote recovery of Hawaii’s most threatened birds, focusing on the strategies of captive propagation, reintroduction and post-release management.

The Conservation Program Manager’s responsibilities cover the supervision of all the key elements of the HEBCP: aviculture and captive propagation at the program’s breeding facilities – the Keauhou and Maui Bird Conservation Centers (KBCC and MBCC) – as well as the release, post-release management and monitoring of reintroduced birds at various field sites throughout the Hawaiian Islands. The responsibilities also comprise the daily administration for the program, both internally within San Diego Zoo Global, and externally with government agencies and other partners. The Conservation Program Manager will supervise the Research Coordinators at both KBCC and MBCC and their affiliated teams of Research Associates, and will report to the Associate Director of Applied Animal Ecology in the San Diego Zoo Global Institute for Conservation Research.

The position also features:

•Recruiting and training HEBCP staff in all aspects of program procedure.

•Liaising with conservation partners to coordinate program activities; contributing to species working groups.

•Administering budgets and supervising financial processes.

•Writing reports and grant proposals.

•Supervising research, data management, and writing publications.

•Participating in the conservation education program.

•Leading public outreach, writing articles, giving presentations and tours to both professional and community audiences.

•Supervising construction of aviaries, hacking structures and out-buildings.

Qualifications for this position include:

•Advanced degree in a biological science, or equivalent specialized training in a related field.

•Extensive experience in aviculture, including artificial propagation.

•Extensive experience in field research or applied conservation, preferably as part of ornithological studies or bird recovery programs.

•Extensive experience in supervising conservation projects in complex and biologically diverse habitats.

•Reasonable knowledge of environmental legislation.

•Hands-on light construction experience is desirable.

•Good communication skills; ability to work effectively with others;

•Ability to prepare and administer grant applications and contracts.

•Ability to use word processing, spreadsheet, database, graphic, small population management (ARKS, SPARKS, PM2000) and desktop publishing systems; and ability to prepare and make presentations.

This position will primarily be based at the Keauhou Bird Conservation Center on the Big Island of Hawaii. However, the position intrinsically depends upon an ability to travel frequently to Maui and other Hawaiian Islands, as well as infrequent trips to San Diego.

Working Conditions: Will require some time in the field under inclement conditions. Ability to drive four-wheel vehicles and hike moderate conditions is essential.

Scheduled hours will be a minimum of 40hours/wk.

This position offers an excellent benefits package including medical, dental, prescription drugs, vision, life insurance, annual leave, sick leave, retirement, as well as other optional insurance.

One of the essential functions of this position is the ability to drive a SDZ Global vehicle. If you are offered employment in this position, you will be asked to authorize SDZ Global to access your current driving report through the DMV’s Employer Pull Notice Program. Your hiring for this position will be contingent on SDZ Global receiving an acceptable driving report from you. In addition, your continued employment in the position will depend on you maintaining an acceptable driving record. You may obtain a list of conditions that disqualify a person from driving an SDZ Global vehicle from a Human Resources Representative.

(Post 3/19/2013-3/25/13 Internal) (Post 4/1/13 - 4/18/13 External)