Animal Care Internship(26)

Organization: Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo (AZA Member)
Location: Tampa, FL, United States
Job or Internship: Internship

Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo - Animal Department Internships

Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo (TLPZ) is currently seeking enthusiastic and motivated individuals interested in a career as an animal caretaker/ trainer. While working in the TLPZ Animal Department, interns will learn aspects of animal care, husbandry and rehabilitation as well as gain knowledge in operant conditioning techniques.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to, daily care and feeding of animals in the collection, maintenance of animal habitats, behavioral observations, record keeping, animal enrichment and public interaction. Qualified applicants must be able to work in a team environment, able to lift 50 lbs, move heavy objects and work outdoors in the typical Florida climate.

All positions require a minimum high school diploma with preference given to those who are currently working towards or have earned a degree in any of the life sciences or other related fields. Term of the Internship is three months. This internship is unpaid and requires a 32hr/week minimum commitment (commitment hours may vary in some animal areas).

Below are the intern programs available for the Summer term. Please email a copy of your resume and cover letter to the email address below the description of the program in which you would like to apply:

1. African Elephant and White Rhino – interns will focus on the care and husbandry of mega-vertebrates while learning positive reinforcement focused operant conditioning techniques.

2. Florida Mammals/Manatee Rehabilitation – interns will care for various native Florida wildlife species while participating in TLPZ’s manatee rehabilitation program.

3. Primates – interns will focus on the care and husbandry of various primate species while learning about the complexities of primate social structure, behavior and ecology.

4. Herpetology – interns will learn the skills associated with caring for various reptile and amphibian species.

5. Aquatics – this internship focuses on the management of a diverse collection of fish and other aquatic species and their associated life support systems.

6. Asian Gardens/Australia – interns will focus on the care and husbandry for TLPZ’s most diverse mammal area including carnivores, hoofstock, mega-vertebrates and macropods.

7. African Hoofstock - interns will work with a variety of African animals and learn husbandry techniques for managing mixed species habitats.

8. Avian – interns will focus on aspects of avian care, husbandry and management of a wide variety of avian species including cranes, hornbills, parrots, cockatoos, penguins and birds of prey.

9. Equine/Livestock – interns will focus on the care, husbandry and training of equids and other domestic species while gaining experience in customer service and excellence.

Internship Dates and Deadlines to Apply:

Summer Term 2013 – May 12th through August 10th

Deadline to Apply: April 2, 2013