Zoological Manager

Organization: Oakland Zoo (AZA Member)
Location: Oakland, CA, Country
Job or Internship: Job

Position Overview

This is a salaried position. The Zoological Manager (ZM) will spend the majority of his/her time in supervisory and administrative tasks. The ZM has extensive experience in the areas of animal care and management. The ZM also has experience leading and supervising staff. As a zoo leader he/she is expected to conduct him/herself in accordance with the Zoo’s Basic Principles. The ZM will use leadership skills in his/her interactions with others. S/he must demonstrate excellent leadership skills including time management, prioritization, working cooperatively, effective and timely communication, and serving as a role model. The ZM reports directly to the Director of Animal Care, Conservation and Research. The ZM will be responsible for designated work areas (Sections) in the Department. The ZM will cover these areas as a floater as necessary. Staff within those areas will report directly to the ZM. The ZM will execute job performance evaluations with staff in his/her work section. The ZM will be available to assist in procedures and projects, answer questions, facilitate maintenance or grounds work, etc. ZM is also responsible for various administrative and future planning tasks as assigned by the Director of Animal Care, Conservation and Research. The ZM will take charge of the Department and address all potential problems and emergencies in the absence of the Director.

Job Requirements

•Minimum of 7 years’ experience in animal care in an AZA accredited zoo.

•Minimum of 2 years’ experience as a supervisor- responsible for training, supervision, providing performance feedback and conflict resolution

•Good physical condition; able to lift a minimum of 50 lbs. (i.e. feed sack) and move a minimum of 120 lbs. (i.e. hay bale)

•Valid driver’s license

•Willingness to work outside normal business hours, including weekends and holidays

•Good written and verbal communications skills including experience with public presentation

•Knowledge of the habits and hazards of working with zoo animals; willingness to work with some physical risk while observing proper safety precautions

•Good organizational skills; able to successfully manage multiple tasks/projects

•Extensive knowledge in the natural history and captive management of wild animals

•Extensive knowledge and experience in behavioral training theory and practical application

•Leadership and/or management training and experience

•Substantial experience and thorough knowledge of capture and restraint techniques

•Thorough understanding of safety procedures used with captive wildlife

Experience and Qualities Preferred

•Bachelor’s degree in zoology, biology or a related field

•Specialized knowledge and experience with aviary birds, large carnivores, large ungulates and/or reptiles

•Computer proficiency

•Involvement in the wild animal profession outside of the Zoo (professional organizations, field work, activism, etc.)

Salary and Benefits: Starting salary $50,000 annually for full-time, exempt position. Full benefits plus two weeks’ vacation.

CLOSING DATE: March 25, 2013

To Apply:

Candidates who do not meet minimum requirements will not receive a response.

Send resume, cover letter and 3 work references, preferably including supervisor reference to:

Colleen Kinzley, Director of Animal Care, Research and Conservation

Email: colleen@oaklandzoo.org