Assistant Dive Safety Officer

Organization: Adventue Aquarium (AZA Member)
Location: Camden, NJ, United States
Job or Internship: Job

At HFE it is our goal to bring families closer together and to create memories worth repeating. Our Core Values – greatly exceeding guest expectations, serving others, creating emotional connections, constantly improving – give us purpose and guidance.


The position requires a dedicated individual who will take direction from the Dive Safety Officer, Curator of Fish and Invertebrates and the Husbandry Director in carrying out the duties of the position. The Assistant Dive Safety Officer assists the Dive Safety Officer with the planning, development and administration of all SCUBA diving and snorkel/dive adventure programs which include all water related activities requiring water entry, both in-house and open water. The position also functions in assisting husbandry department activities as required. Dive Safety, communications, animal health, equipment repair, record keeping and visitor experience are the driving priorities in accomplishing the goals of this position.


• As a member of the Husbandry team, you will lead by example by being patient, kind, humble, respectful, selfless, forgiving, honest and committed when interacting with one another and guests.

• Represent the Husbandry Department on Aquarium's Dive Safety Committee.

• Under the Direction of the Dive Safety Officer, coordinate all dive operations; scheduling, meetings, activities, training and development of the dive safety program.

• SCUBA dive all areas of the operation when needed as well as serve as primary backup for diving and safety.

• Work to upgrade consistency and dive show quality.

• Evaluate diver competency as needed and report findings to the Dive Safety Officer.

• Maintain logs on all SCUBA activities.

• Maintain and repair SCUBA and diving related equipment, and maintain logs on equipment maintenance/repair.

• Carry out all procedures set forth in the Dive Safety Manual.

• Maintain forms and systems required for diving programs, equipment maintenance.

• Interface with other departmental representatives on diving related activities when required.

• Research and suggest upgrades, enhancements and changes for the dive program to the Dive Safety Officer.

• At the direction of the Husbandry Director and Dive Safety Officer, interacts with and responds to public/media requests for information. Participates in Aquarium related education, public relations and membership programs including facility tours and lectures.

• Cross train with other staff within the department.

• Maintain technical instrumentation at a high level of function and readiness.

• Help maintain inventory of dive equipment, safety equipment, and assist with ordering supplies.

• Keep work area clean and organized and report mechanical failures to supervisor in a timely manner.

• Assist in collecting and other Husbandry department activities when needed.

• Administer all policies associated with the diving program in the absence of the Dive Safety Officer.

• Ability to lead training classes under the supervision of the Dive Safety Officer when necessary.

• This position has been identified as Safety Critical with Authorized Operator requirements.

• Comply with safety and security directives, policies and procedures.

• Performs other related duties as assigned.


• Active Divemaster certification or higher from a recognized diver training organization and ability to obtain Instructor Certification. A minimum of 500 logged hours of Scuba Diving experience.

• Experience in coordinating and managing a diverse staff, or similar experience.

• Ability to communicate clearly, concisely and effectively, both verbally and in writing.

• Ability to evaluate divers for competency in all SCUBA related activities.

• Demonstrated knowledge of SCUBA equipment repair and upkeep. Technician rating for equipment preferred.

• Fish husbandry experience is suggested. This may be in the form of jobs or internships at public aquariums, work in aquarium hobby or aquaculture fields or extremely advanced home hobby activities.

• Demonstrated ability to work as part of a team in a constantly changing environment as well as individually, with a minimum of supervision.

• A valid driver’s license.

• Experience with small boat operation and knowledge of boating safety issues is beneficial. Ability to drive small-medium size trucks and tow trailer is desired.

• Ability to travel when necessary, usually not to exceed four weeks at one time.

• Ability to work a flexible schedule which may include evenings and/or weekends and holidays. Ability to respond to emergencies on an on call basis.

• Prior instructional experience in SCUBA or a related field preferred.


• Successful completion of pre-employment drug screening and SCUBA dive physical.

• In good health and capable of performing strenuous and/or heavy physical labor.

• No history of allergy related to animals or plants, which might interfere with ability to work.

• Ability to remain on feet for long periods of time, climb stairs, bend and stoop.

• Ability to work in all weather conditions.

• No impairment of sight, smell, hearing, touch, balance and agility of movement which might interfere with ability to work.

• Physical strength, including the ability to lift up to 50 pounds.

• Immunocompetence (possible exposure to infections and parasitic disease).

Note: Position will involve exposure to inclement weather, dust, potentially dangerous and unpredictable animal species, and potential dangerous machinery, restraint devices and toxic chemicals and/or drugs. Occasional use of protective clothing or equipment is required e.g. goggles, mask, gloves, and gowns.

You may apply on-line: or email resume to or fax 856-365-3313