Primary Keeper

Organization: Oakland Zoo (AZA Member)
Location: Oakland, CA, United States
Job or Internship: Job

The Primary Keeper works on one string five days per week and is responsible for the day-to-do day string management. Responsibilities of the Primary keeper also include managing staff and volunteers that work on the string. Work ranges from the physical tasks associated with feeding, enriching, training and maintenance of the animals’ living areas to more analytical tasks of planning, record keeping and communication. The Primary Keeper is expected to develop a comprehensive knowledge of both the natural history and the captive management of the species under his/her care.

Job Requirements

1.Minimum of three years full time experience in the care of captive wildlife in the zoo field.

2.Good physical condition; able to lift a minimum of 50 lbs. (i.e. feed sack) and move a minimum of 120lbs.(i.e. hay bale)

3.Valid driver’s license and clean driving record

4.Willingness to work outside normal business hours including weekends and holidays.

5.Good written and verbal communications skills

6.Knowledge of the habits and hazards of working with wild animals; willingness to work with some physical risk while observing proper safety precautions

7.Extensive knowledge and experience in behavioral training theory and practical application

Experience and Qualities Preferred

1.Bachelor’s degree in zoology, biology or a related field.

2.Specialized knowledge and experience with birds and reptiles

3.Experience with capture and restraint techniques

4.Leadership and/or management training and experience

Salary: $30,160 -$32,300 per year depending on experience, plus benefits.

Candidates not meeting minimum requirements will not receive a response



Resumes accepted via email only

Send to: Michelle Jeffries, Zoological Manager