Life Support Technician I-St. Augustine, FL

Organization: Georgia Aquarium/Marineland Dolphin Adventure (AZA Member)
Location: St. Augustine, FL, Country
Job or Internship: Job

The Life Support Technician I shall be responsible for assisting with the daily operation and maintenance of all aquatic animal Life Support Systems (LSS) that support Marineland Dolphin Adventure. This position will be responsible for assisting with monitoring all phases of facility exhibit water treatment processing as well as equipment condition and making necessary changes or repairs as needed. This position will also be responsible for all water quality lab testing as well as afterhour’s security as needed and reporting pertinent events for each of these to appropriate facility personnel.

This position will frequently interface with other Zoological Operations & Engineering staff including water quality lab technicians, veterinarians and animal biologists regarding water chemistry parameters, LSS process equipment adjustments and needed repairs. This position will closely work with more senior LSS staff to perform the functions listed above and to provide daily updates on processes, equipment status and needed repairs to the Assistant Manager of LSS.

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