Bird Keeper(11)

Organization: The Dallas World Aquarium (AZA Member)
Location: Dallas, TX, United States
Job or Internship: Job

Position Summary:

The Dallas World Aquarium is seeking a bird keeper to assist with the direct care of a diverse collection of soft bills, cotingas, cracids and other groups in our captive breeding program. Candidate will be part of a team that cares for several important neotropical species, many of which are reproduced and raised at the DWA.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Candidate will be assigned to aviaries to help provide basic animal husbandry. Duties will include: food preparation, feeding, daily cleaning, enrichment, observation of breeding behaviors and keeping accurate and concise records and daily reports, as required.


An Associate or Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Care, Biology, Animal Science, Zoology or a related field is preferred. However, candidate must have a minimum of two years paid experience with birds in azoological institution where they have demonstrated an understanding of avian physiology, propagation and experience with soft bills.

Must be able to accept directions and work as a team member with little or no supervision. Must be physically able to stoop, bend, reach, climb, lift, carry or push at least 50 pounds. Must be able to work a flexible, rotating schedule, which will include weekends, holidays and special events. Hourly pay, commensurate with experience and education.

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