Animal Care Internship(21)

Organization: Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park (AZA Member)
Location: Binghamton, New York, United States
Job or Internship: Internship

Animal Care Internship:

Duties Include:

-240 hours total, about 16 hours a week in full or half days, minor adjustments allowed

-Complete at least 2 keeper classes

-Complete an Intern Project (suggestions will be provided at the beginning of internship)

Interns are rotated throughout all areas of the zoo and spend about 3-4 weeks in each area. Students spend the majority of their day working alongside the keeper in the area to complete daily husbandry tasks such as cleaning, diet prep and enrichment of the animals. They will also have the opportunity to observe operant conditioning sessions and observe on vet rounds. The keeper classes will be offered throughout the semester based on both intern and keeper schedules. Classes are roughly an hour in length and serve to broaden the experience for the intern. Topics range from nutrition to exhibit design and students will need to complete at least two of them. However, they are encouraged to take all of the keeper classes. In addition, interns will need to complete a project by the end of the semester. We are looking for project topics that will directly benefit the exhibits at the zoo by providing a better experience for the animal or visiting public. Interns will be allowed time during their scheduled time with us to complete the project. At this time interns are not provided a stipend or housing.

Dates Available:

Winter Interns- deadline for applicants is December 7th 2012, interviews throughout December

-Internship will run from end of December through January

-This is the shortest time frame for an internship so students should be aware that they will need to put in a lot of time within a few weeks.

Summer Interns- deadline for applicants is April 7th 2013, interview throughout April/May

-Internship will run from May-August

Fall interns- deadline for applicants is July 31st 2013, interviews throughout August

-Internship will run from September – December

Requirements for application: Please email to

-Cover letter indicating reasons for interest in the internship

-Resume indicating relevant education and employment experiences

-Requested time frame for an internship

Intern Advisor: Maria Desisto