Exhibit Supervisor

Organization: Living Exhibits, Inc.
Location: Various, Various, us
Job or Internship: Job

Job description:
Living Exhibits, Inc. designs, builds and maintains interactive animal exhibits for zoos, aquariums and museums across the country. Currently these exhibits include walk-in aviaries featuring Australian parrot species and touch-tank marine aquatic exhibits featuring sharks and stingrays. The goals of such programs are to increase the value of the guests’ experience, further our customers’ zoological mission and do so in a fiscally viable manner.

As an Exhibit Supervisor, you have direct supervision of all aspects of the exhibit including animal care and health, life support equipment operation as well as interaction with guests and the leadership of host institutions. The Exhibit Supervisor serves as the point of contact for customer relations and customer satisfaction. It is imperative that all duties are performed in a consistent, accurate, informative and entertaining manner. This position should be fun for you and the guests.

1. Bachelor’s degree in zoology, animal husbandry, a related field or equivalent experience;
2. Three years practical experience in the care and interpretation of animals; zoo and aquarium animal related experience a plus;
3. Thorough knowledge of the animals featured in our exhibits, their care and general conservation issues;
4. Understanding of animal enrichment and animal training using positive reinforcement;
5. Must be comfortable speaking to and interacting with guests, the media, and employees and volunteers of the host institutions;
6. Basic computer knowledge including E-mail, Word and Excel;
7. Able to perform physical tasks including occasional lifting of moderate to heavy loads (up to 60 lbs), climbing of ladders and ability to work in elevated conditions. Able to work in salt water and handle shell fish (marine exhibits).

1. Communicate effectively with Living Exhibits Management, vendors, all host institution personnel, volunteers, guests and any others that come into contact as a result of Living Exhibits operations;
2. Supervise and train Living Exhibits staff in animal husbandry, system operation and animal interpretation to guarantee all duties are performed within company standards;
3. Supervise onsite inventory and handle ordering and acquisition of all food and operating supplies through the Living Exhibits office;
4. Perform daily animal husbandry including, but not limited to:
o Cleaning and maintenance of animal exhibits;
o Preparation of food and feeding of animals;
o Observation of animals for injuries, disease and behavioral changes;
o Oversee and complete necessary care and medical treatment of injured or sick animals;
o Maintain records for feeding, health care, facility and life support operation;
o Operate and maintain life support equipment;
5. Keep a clean and orderly work space including proper care and maintenance of department facilities and equipment;
6. Provide necessary educational and interpretive training to all host institution personnel and volunteers;
7. As an aid to the Manager of Zoological Operations, serve as a liaison with host facility personnel to problem solve, promote a productive relationship and ensure good customer satisfaction;
8. Interact with guests, including discussing the exhibit, the animals, conservation issues and answering questions;
9. Completion of projects and other duties as assigned including travel to other exhibits;

Please send Resumes & Cover Letters to:
Laura Wandel
Manager of Zoological Operations