Aquarium Manager

Organization: Silverton Casino and Lodge
Location: Las Vegas, NV, us
Job or Internship: Job



Job Description:
The Aquarium manager provides leadership, supervision, and guidance for all Aquarium

Operations, and works in direct coordination with the Aquatic Safety Manager, who oversees the

Dive Team and Mermaid Performers.

This position is directly responsible for the care and maintenance of a 117,000 gallon marine
aquarium that stands as a showpiece and major attraction for the Silverton Hotel and Casino,

jellyfish exhibits that are part of an aquarium-themed lounge area, and associated quarantine

facilities. The position also coordinates the care and maintenance of fresh water exhibits. The

Aquarium Manager supervises all aquarium staff and provides support for Mermaid Shows and

Educational Presentations.

This position will continually develop strategic and tactical goals for the Silverton Hotel and
Casino to provide healthy habitat for animals and an enjoyable experience for customers.

Essential Functions:

1. Directs all aquarium operations including, but not limited to: animal husbandry, aquarium

maintenance, educational/research programs, and staffing to establish priorities and

procedures for achieving the overall goals of the operation of the aquariums at the

Silverton Hotel and Casino.

2. Staffing: monitors the performance of staff, which includes hiring, scheduling, ongoing

training and performance reviews to ensure productivity and quality of service.

3. Budget: controls budgetary expenses to ensure cost-effective operations.

4. Animals: Provides guidance and overall assessment of quarantine procedures,

monitoring of animal health, diet and behavior. Provides direction on fish treatment.

5. Life Support Systems: Provides supervision and guidance for all aspects of water

filtration equipment. Provides overall assessment and monitoring of water chemistry and

water quality parameters.

6. Safety and Maintenance: Maintains all equipment and work areas in safe fashion and in

good repair. Provides supervision regarding preventive maintenance programs and

safety protocols.

7. Works in conjunction with the Aquatic Safety Manager to insure safe and proper cleaning

of dive equipment, aquarium, and proper implementation of Mermaid Shows.

8. Education: Provides leadership, supervision and guidance for all aspects of educational

presentations, programs and/or materials that the corporation chooses to offer through

the Department of Aquarium Operations.

9. Company goals and objectives: Works with management and staff of the Silverton Hotel

and Casino to assist and promote goals of the corporation.

The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work performed

by an individual assigned to this job classification and is not necessarily an exhaustive list of all

responsibilities, duties, and skills required.

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities Required to Perform Work:

Thorough knowledge of large (20,000 gallons plus) aquarium systems including life
support systems for fish, animal husbandry, maintenance needs, and quarantine

protocols for a large variety of marine species that meet and/or exceed professional

industry standards.

Thorough knowledge of fish biology and behavior.
Thorough knowledge of principles of water filtration and tank cycling.
Thorough knowledge of chemical safety.
Understanding of dive protocols and safety procedures for working within a 117,000
gallon salt water aquarium.

Candidate should be familiar with professional standards, procedures and
documentation techniques to ensure the entire aquarium division meets and exceeds

general industry standards.

Familiarity with breeding and propagation techniques.
Candidate should either be scuba certified or be prepared to become scuba certified.
Knowledge of business administration.
Strong management skills with experience and understanding of best management
practices and principles.

Knowledge of budgeting principles, policies and procedures.
Ability to effectively communicate, motivate, and inspire the confidence of staff.
Ability to communicate effectively and diplomatically, both orally and in writing.
Strong track record as a team player.
Strong track record as a leader.
Positive attitude, self-starter with good organizational skills.
Ability to see the overall picture while paying attention to details.
Innovative problem-solver with a sense of humor.
Minimum Requirements:

10 years experience working with a large (more than 20,000 gallons) public-oriented
aquarium facility showing continual increase in responsibility.

2 years management experience within a public display aquarium (either non-profit or
corporate run).

Website for application: (please click on careers link at the bottom of the webpage)

Contact Information:
Larry Montrose
Human Resources Manager
Silverton Casino, LLC
3333 Blue Diamond Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89139
phone: 702.914.8520
fax:  702.893.7406