Animal Keeper

Organization: Oakland Zoo (AZA Member)
Location: Oakland, CA, United States
Job or Internship: Job

The animal keeper is responsible for the physical health and psychological well being of the animals directly under his/her care. Work ranges from the physical tasks associated with feeding and maintenance of living areas to more analytical tasks. The animal keeper is expected to develop a comprehensive knowledge of the natural history of the species under their care, to conduct ongoing assessment of their physical and psycho-social needs, and to design and implement steps to address these needs (including enrichment and training). S/he must possess sound judgment in the care of wild animals, work cooperatively and communicate well with co-workers, volunteers, and supervisors, and demonstrate good public relations skills with zoo guests. This is a Relief Keeper position. Keeper will work with 2 primary keepers and strings.

Position Responsibilities: Basic keeper duties

Job Requirements: Minimum 2 years of paid experience (2080 hours) in the care of captive wildlife. Applicants without the minumum requirements will not receive a response.

Salary: $30,160 per year, plus benefits.



Email preferred.

Send resume, cover letter and 3 professional references to:

Victor Alm, Zoological Manager

Oakland Zoo

P.O. Box 5238

Oakland, CA 94605

Fax: (510) 636-9619