Zoo Keeper I-II Louisiana Swamp/Jaguar Jungle

Organization: Audubon Zoo (AZA Member)
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Job or Internship: Job

Training level Zookeeper I - II position at the Audubon Zoo, this position encompasses semi-skilled professional work in the routine daily care of assigned animals and exhibits. Reporting directly to the Assistant Curator of an assigned area, and under the general supervision of the Curator, Zookeeper I’s: work under the close direction of higher level Zookeepers in performing the daily routine care of assigned animals, exhibits & surrounding areas. A keeper I develops on the job knowledge of assigned animals.

• Participates in enrichment programs as assigned.

• Interacts positively with the public and co-workers.

• Ability to work on a team and with volunteers.

• Reports minor or routine maintenance problems and corrects them as assigned, reports other maintenance needs directly to supervisor.

Weave quality entertainment through the guest experience.


• Assists in the presentation of education programs as required.

• Performs/participates in shows/chats/feeds for our guests as scheduled.

• Conducts behind-the-scenes tours for VIP’s, donors, and Audubon Education programs as scheduled.

• Extensive interaction with the public which may include on and off grounds educational and media presentations.

Enhance the care and survival of wildlife through research and conservation.


• Maintains records of health and behavior status of animals in designated area as trained and directed.

• Prepares and follows prescribed diets and feeding procedures.

• Under direct supervision, carries out veterinary treatments as assigned.

• Participates in capturing, restraining, and moving animals as trained and directed.

• See ADDENDUM for “section specific” duties, certifications, etc.


High school diploma or equivalent

College credits in Biology or related field

Bachelor’s degree in related field preferred

Accurate oral and written communication skills


Current TB test

Current rabies and Hep B vaccinations as required by department

Must maintain a valid La. Driver’s License

Current Tetanus shot

Apply at www.auduboninstitute.org or email zooswamp@audubinstitute.org