Six Month Animal Care Intern

Organization: International Exotic Animal Sanctuary (AZA Member)
Location: Boyd, TX, United States
Job or Internship: Job

Spring Internship: March 1-August 31, deadline January 1; Summer Internship: June 1-November 30, deadline April 1; Fall Internship: September 1-February 28, deadline July 1; Winter Internship: December 1-May 31, deadline October 1. There are 4-8 positions available within the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary animal care department. The International Exotic Animal Sanctuary is the first sanctuary ever to be granted certification by the AZA. The Sanctuary cares for exotic animals encompassing 12 different feline species, four grizzly bears and 12 black bears. Requirements: Candidates should have at least two years of undergraduate program studies in zoology, animal management, biology, or a related field or three years of experience at an AZA accredited facility. Interns must be able to perform regular, strenuous duties in 90 to over 100 degree weather and must be able to lift 50lbs. Interns must present themselves in a professional manner during their internship. Interns will gain practical experience working with exotic felines, will be involved with our educational program and will be involved in our emotional and behavioral enrichment programs. Interns will be able to learn as much about exotic felines' behavior as they choose to learn within the six month session. Experience includes feeding, cleaning, animal health, animal management, behavioral studies, chemical immobilization, record keeping, assisting in construction and habitat modification, and related activities. Interns will also be involved with the volunteer program and formal and informal presentations. The firsts three months of the internship are a probation period. After the three month evaluation, a decision will be made as to whether they will be allowed to stay the last three months. Interns will also be trained as a keeper during the last few months of the internship. Depending upon their performance, they will have the opportunity to earn the title as Keeper or Assistant Keeper. Vehicles, housing and stipend are available. Housing is in a new luxurious four bedroom-four bathroom air-conditioned dormitory home with a large kitchen. Required: completed application including a copy of driver's license, three letters of reference, unofficial or official transcript, and a cover letter and resume. If you have interned or volunteered somewhere, please include a reference letter from your supervisor. We would like to have a letter from a supervisor you worked for. Consideration will only be given to those who send completed application and required documents. Application can be found at, click on Education, then look under "Intern Program." For more information call 940-433-5091 or email For more information on IEAS visit our website at Send all required materials to International Exotic Animal Sanctuary, Attention: Intern Program, PO Box 637, Boyd, TX 76023. Please indicate that you are applying for the six month position on the application. Applications that still have postage due will not be accepted. Faxed or emailed applications will not be accepted.