Red Programs

Red Programs

Red Programs are recommended by their associated Taxon Advisory Group (TAG) for cooperative management among AZA, but their populations are too small, fewer than 50 individuals, to qualify as a Species Survival Plan (SSP) Program.  Red Programs maintain an AZA Regional Studbook.

Red Programs do not have the same population planning requirements of SSP Programs. However, Red Programs are encouraged to work with their TAG on defining their Animal Program goals and objectives, which will impact the subsequent Animal Program management strategies, as these will differ between Red Programs. Some start-up efforts will be designated as Red Programs.


Although cooperation among AZA member institutions is strongly encouraged, participation in Red Programs is voluntary. Red Programs may partner with private participants (organizations that are not AZA members) without going through the WCMC Non-Member Participant approval process.

Red Programs may become SSP Programs as the appropriate Sustainability Criteria are reached.  For example, if a population succeeds in raising its population size to 50 or greater, then the Red Program will be designated a Yellow SSP Program or Green SSP Program.

Become an AZA Regional Studbook Keeper

Visit the Animal Programs Vacancy page to find out which Animal Programs have vacancies. The Animal Program Handbooks   include a description of the scope of responsibilities and include an application.